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Don't Blame The Devil

Hang on to your seat as Pat G’Orge-Walker spins a hilarious, inspiring novel of mistakes and second chances, heartache and love, sin and salvation…

Appearances mean everything to Delilah Dupree Jewel. So after hearing of her daughter-in-law’s sudden death, Delilah decides that coming to the rescue of her long estranged son Jesse and her granddaughter Tamara would be a good look . . . though Lord knows she’ll have to dig hard to find her maternal instincts.

But Delilah quickly discovers Jesse wants nothing to do with her. And Tamara, who’s following in Delilah’s musical footsteps, isn’t interested in her career advice, especially since Delilah got ahead using the singing couch. And Delilah’s old flame Deacon Pillar, an ex-convict who’s traded in his gangster ways for a Bible, is stirring up a past that’s sure to shock. Now, all Delilah knows is that she’d better hold on to her faith, ’cause she needs God now more than ever. . . .


September 2009

Somebody's Sinning in My Bed




Essence Best Seller 2008


Somewhat Saved

They're baaack and have landed in Las Vegas, NV

chURch Folks made the Devil pray!!!







  • Essence Best Seller for September and October 2007

  • AALBS Best Comedy Book for 2007


What happens aboard the ship will NOT stay aboard the ship…


About the Book


By Pat G'Orge-Walker


  • The members of the Oh-Lawd-Why-Am-I-Still-Single church group have gathered again to complain about the slim pickings in the little town of Pelzer, South Carolina, and this time, they really have something to gripe about. Turns out that newcomer Birdie Tweet's new beau, Lyon Lipps, is also a con artist who has seduced every member of their group...and it's time to get a little payback. The girls decide to go on a cruise, and trick Lyon into going too, enlisting the help of Pelzer's most beautiful--and vicious--young woman, Ima Hellraiser. Now the group is riding a wave of bickering, betrayal, and unholy behavior, with plenty of laughs--and a few revelations--along the way...

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  • "Author Pat G'Orge-Walker is a comic genius! She's woven a brilliant netting of both comical and loving characters that will cause readers to 'spill their guts' with 'out loud' laughter."

           -Dawn Carter,  Fox Pictures Diversity, Executive Producer, Contradictions of the Heart, Donlyn Pictures


  • Pat G'Orge Walker's 'Cruisin' on Desperation" Is a full-blown cure for what ails you.  Her book filled with memorable characters will long dance in your head and have you laughing a torrential rain of tears.  Pat’s artful style of story telling is both joyful and genuine.

            Bern Nadette Stanis (Thelma of Good Times)


  •  "No author can write a superlative story combined with gut-splitting laughter and a strong spiritual message every time -- unless that author is Pat G'Orge- Walker.  Her stories are filled with characters that are likable, even in their differences, because we see ourselves in them."

 —Jacquelin Thomas, author of Defining Moments and The Prodigal Husband 


  •  "Pat G’Orge-Walker has done it again! Cruisin’ on Desperation is a winner! Using the one-of-a kind humor that has made her the Queen of Gospel Comedy, Ms. Walker pens a tale so funny that you’ll fall out of your chair laughing, and so poignantly realistic that you’ll wipe tears from your eyes. You’ll laugh at the shipboard antics of the ladies of the “Oh Lawd, Why Am I Still Single” singles club as they scheme to take down Lyon Lipps, the man who has done them all wrong. You’ll cry as the revenge plot turns into a journey of love and self-acceptance for each woman. Bravo, Ms. Walker, on a job well done! Cruisin’ on Desperation is a must-read."


Angela Benson, author of The Amen Sisters


  • "Pat G'Orge-Walker continues to be one of my favorite writers of all time. Cruisin' on Desperation is full of fun-loving, unforgettable characters that readers will find themselves endeared to for years to come."

 —Zane, NY Times Bestselling Author, Publisher, Strebor Books International  

  • "Once again, Pat G’Orge-Walker has a winner.  There are a lot of us undercover ‘wishing we could be a bride instead of always the guest’ women who have girlfriends instead of a permanent male friend but our hearts are in the right place and God loves us anyway.  He just has another calling and we hope we’re not too old to hear it.  Helping others, via the Maama Kit, keep us going until we hear “The Call.”

—Akia Shangai of Sisters International 

  • "Here's the one place you'll find page-turning laughs, a soul-stirring message and characters you won't soon forget. After reading Pat G'Orge-Walker's "Cruisin' on Desperation," your cruise through life and faith will never be the same."

Stacy Hawkins Adams, author of  Nothing But the Right Thing and Speak To My Heart  

  • "If laughter is supposed to be the best medicine, this book is a cure-all! You'll never look at cruising the same way again."

—   Tia McCollors, author of Zora's Cry & A Heart of Devotion

  • Hardcover: 288 pages

  • Publisher: Kensington

  • ISBN: 0758218869

  • Author: Pat G'Orge-Walker





  • Publisher: Dafina Books; Reprint edition (July 5, 2005)
  • ISBN: 0758203802

                NEWS NEWS NEWS!!! "MOTHER ETERNAL.." HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE HOUSTON BLACK FILM FESTIVAL SCREENPLAY of 12 Books to be considered for a Book to Film Deal

Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin's Dead

In this hilarious and heartwarming new novel, Pat G’Orge-Walker of Gospel Today Television returns with the parishioners from the Ain’t Nobody Else Right But Us—All Others Goin’ to Hell church, while introducing another congregation of crazy characters from the No Hope Now—Mercy Neva house of worship. When Sister Betty sets out on a charitable mission to deliver three million dollars to a religious conference, can chaos—and laughter—be far behind…?

Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’ was so good with the smooth words that she sometimes surprised herself. She adjusted the microphone again and for about the fifth time since the program started, she pulled something from another silver-foiled wrapper and slipped it into her mouth.

“I have one other announcement to make. Some of you may know and then some of you may not have read the church bulletin with big, bold black letters across the first two pages. Today is my seventy-first birthday.”

The organist, Brother Juan Derr, started pecking out “Happy Birthday to Ya” and he did it in all 88 keys plus a few more that weren’t on the organ. The congregation, led by Sister Petunia, sang their well wishes.

Mother waited until the very last chorus and then gave her best pretend blush, and said humbly, “Y’all are so sweet. I thank God that He’s kept me this long and I just know in my heart and soul that He’s gonna let me live to see 100—“

And then it happened and it happened very fast. Suddenly, without warning, Mother grinned and started babbling about how she was starting to have a vision. She said, “I feel the sensation of cold air. I believe the Lord is showing me a snow-capped mountain and I-I feel sun rays caressing my hair and the wind blowing through it. I hear the beautiful birds chirping. I-I feel a sensation like I’ve never felt before. God is givin’ me a vision—”

She suddenly grabbed for the cash register that was nailed between the pulpit and the Collection table, leaned over, and fell on top of it.

The glint from the mysterious silver foil wrapper could be seen falling to the floor from Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s hand…

Spiritually uplifting and knee-slapping funny, Pat G’Orge-Walker’s wildly popular books featuring Sister Betty and her fellow parishioners serve up a heartful of faith along with a generous dose of humor. Now, she’s at it again with another outrageous adventure featuring the characters of the Ain’t Nobody Right But Us—All Others Goin’ to Hell Church. As they bicker and scheme their way to a religious conference in Baltimore, they just might discover what really matters most…

Sister Betty hasn’t gotten to sit and fan herself for long before she’s off on another “Mission from God.” It seems that her good friend Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’ has died suddenly on her seventy-first birthday from the overdose sensation of eating a York Peppermint Pattie. And just as suddenly, Sister Betty is charged with seeing to her friend’s final wishes, namely, traveling to Baltimore to deliver three, one-million dollar checks to three different mega-church pastors who are attending a huge religious conference there. Setting off in a limo with her no-nonsense, snuff-dipping, half-blind sidekick Ma Cile; Mother Eternal’s alcoholic nephew, Buddy; and a driver named Mr. Tiny won’t just test everybody’s religion and nerves; it’ll be a blessing if they don’t kill each other on the road.

But that’s not the only trouble brewing. When the Reverend Knott Enuff Money hears that Sister Betty is about to secretly give away a substantial amount of Mother’s riches, he wants in—even if he has to follow them all the way to Baltimore, with the equally selfish Brother Tis Mythang, Bishop Was Nevercalled, and Sister Ima Hellraiser bringing up the rear. Trying to finagle the money out of Sister Betty right under the knowing noses of three pastors who really know and serve God is going to be the biggest challenge the Reverend has ever faced…and one that just might set him on the path to reclaiming the true spirit of faith. It seems that even from the grave, Mother Eternal is still pulling strings, and her bequest is about more than just money; it’s about the kind of gift that transforms the spiritually bankrupt into the truly rich.

Once again, Pat G’Orge Walker tells a tale that feels as good as sitting in a sun-drenched pew on Sunday morning, surrounded by family and friends. As entertaining as any of her sold-out Sister Betty performances around the country and on Gospel Today, as heartwarming as Sister Betty’s Bible-found wisdom, Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’ Is Dead is a share-with-friends novel, filled with laughter and the message of God’s love.

Pat G’Orge-Walker, writer and Christian comedienne, is a columnist with Gospel Synergy Magazine, a BWA Gold Pen 2000 Innovative Writer award recipient, and a featured performer on Gospel Today Television. She lives in Elmont, New York, with her family.

  • Publisher: Dafina Books; Reprint edition (April 2004)
  • ISBN: 0758203772


Pat G'Orge-Walker, author of "SISTER BETTY! GOD'S CALLING YOU AGAIN!" one of the featured books. In addition to being a part of the montage in Black Expressions new television campaign, the title was given a separate shot along with 2 other books as representing the best in Christian Fiction; one of the bestselling Christian fiction titles.."


Reviewer: ROBINETTE G.
Keepin' It Real


This is the funniest book I have ever read. The author puts well known comedians such as Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle and others to shame. She creates unforgettable characters, who are everywhere we are. In church, at home, at the hairdressers.... and the situations--we've all been there, and few of us wish to remember. Mother Eternal and Everlastin's Dead is a must read for all.



Reviewer: Angie H.
Shamefully Real


Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead is the third installment of the Sister Betty series by Christian comedienne author, Pat G’orge Walker. Written in the parody style of today’s gospel plays, Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin’s Dead chastising portrayal of the "Black Church" is shamefully real. Mother Eternal Ann Everlasting is realism at it’s best. Pat G’orge Walker exposes the good the bad and the ugly of the inner workings of the church. With characters who are true to life she teaches us two valuable lessons. The first being that God can truly change anyone’s heart and secondly that it’s not good to eat candy in church.

Reviewer: RAWSISTAZ R.
For The Love Of Money...


MOTHER ETERNAL ANN EVERLASTIN'S DEAD has a depth that transcends simple satire. The characters are well developed, though outrageous, which lends to the deeply entertaining quality of the book. Pat G'Orge-Walker's apparent ability to keep readers captivated with the ludicrous antics of her characters makes for a rip-roaringly comical read. She has scored a definite coup with this one. --Reviewed by Autumn of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Sister Betty! God's Calling You Again!


Hilarious and True, May 19, 2004
Reviewer: Ms. Willis (Michigan)

I found this book to be hilarious and uplifting. If you are a church going person then I can about guarantee that you have encountered AT LEAST two of these characters. I enjoyed it so much that I am looking to book Sister Betty at my own church. I belive you will enjoy it also, unless, of course you are known as one of the characters and it hits to close to home!!

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For your convenience we now have skits available on CD. Packed full of outrageous and thought-provoking antics from the AIN'T NOBODY RIGHT BUT US-ALL OTHERS GOIN' TO HELL CHURCH (the names have been altered to protect the guilty.)

 All skits written and created by Pat G'Orge-Walker and are the sole property of Done Deal Entertainment, Inc.

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Sister Betty! God's Calling You! - $25.00                    

In this hilarious misadventure imagine getting a phone call from God and then preparing your house for a visit. The visit only became a problem when Sister Betty could not find a recipe for manna, to serve the Lord, along with several exasperating and outrageous interruptions during her favorite daytime soaps. Could her best friend, snuff-dipping, half-blind Ma Cile be of any help?

Time: 60 minutes        Characters: 8

It's Only a Hat - $25.00  

Both Sister Betty and Sister Ima Hellraiser show up at the Annual Friends and Family Day celebration wearing the SAME "one of a kind" hat. You know it's on!!!

Time: 60 min            Characters: 6 (plus Extras)  

Love 4 Sale - $25.00 

Sister Need Sum and the other members of the "Oh Lawd, Why Am I Still Single" singles club decide to hold a church singles auction utilizing unknowns from an internet chat room. What could possibly go wrong?

Time: 60 min.                       Characters: 5 (plus Extras) 

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Dignified folk shouldn?t read this one outside the confines, November 13, 2003

Reviewer: San Antonio Black Magazine Online Book Club (Austin, Texas)

Dignified folk shouldn't read this one outside of the confines of their private parlor. Believe me, you don't want non' of this in public! This is definitely a `hoot' aloud book. Pat G'Orge-Walker serves up the laughs in her hilarious book, "Sister Betty, God's Calling You Again," about the dysfunctional church folks in your congregation and mine, whether you belong to a Mega Church, or the Friendship Baptist Church on your local main street.I've belonged to both, having traveled the world with a military spouse. That's why this a special joy. It takes the reader home.

Sister Betty receives a call from God himself. Her transformation comes through a series of hysterics, learned lessons and self-reflections. The characters are so familiar. You can't turn a page with being able to relate to one of them.

Seven stories; cleverly signifying the biblical realm. Seven churches and Seven Seals; the most heralded number in the Bible. Well, this is seven, very humorous stories with monumental lessons, told candidly and honestly, using church-parody.

Pat G'Orge-Walker cleverly takes on a niche' not many can, in making real, poignant statements about the superficial antics of church folks. She takes on the art of church hypocrisy to a real eye-peeling level. Walker is quite a descriptive writer, which easily makes this book more pleasurable, because you can definitely see and hear her `busy characters.' Several members of our book club emailed to say that they loved the way she fashions hats to reveal subliminal messages about situations and characters. Reading "Sister Betty, God's Calling You, Again," is like sitting in front of a sitcom.

Debra Whitmire, SAblack online book club member. (Now living in Oklahoma.)